Please read our seven part blog series on IRS tax audits.  We have answered some of the most asked questions we receive regarding tax audits.

Can you request the audit be conducted at the IRS office instead of at your place of business?
If the audit has been scheduled to be conducted at your location, it will generally be conducted where the books and records are located.  Requests to transfer the audit to another location, including an IRS office, will be considered but may not be granted. Treasury Regulation 301.7605-1(e), Time and place of audit, discusses the items considered when a request for a change in location is made.

Can the audit be transferred to another IRS office?
You can request a transfer of an audit if you have moved.  Several factors will be considered such as your current location, the location of the business and where the books and records are maintained.

If the audit is by correspondence, you can request a face-to-face audit because the books and records may be too voluminous to mail.

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