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Affordable Solutions
Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC specializes in providing affordable solutions to individuals and businesses whom for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS. Our experienced professional employees can represent you and find the best solution to help you. You also never have to meet or talk with the IRS- we will!

Why Us?
Why our CPA firm rather than an attorney or ex-IRS agent? Attorneys tend to specialize in litigating tax laws in tax court; most IRS tax problems have nothing to do with the litigation of tax law. Most cases are civil – they deal with money and collections as well as the applicability of tax law. We cater to those cases and find the best tailored solutions for you. Former IRS personnel typically have worked in very specialized departments such as collections. They just do not have the tax preparation experience and broad knowledge that we possess.

Our Goal – To Help You!
Each case is very personal for us. We take pride in the fact that you have chosen our CPA firm to resolve your IRS difficulties. Our goal is help you so you can move on with your life; we want your nightmares to end and we want to help you move on.

We Help Balance the Scale
We handle many cases and represent people who are: operating businesses; dealing with aggressive IRS collection activity (such as wage or bank levies); faced with complicated tax situations and we provide them with professional representation and expertise. We help balance the scale when dealing on one’s behalf with the IRS. IRS agents can be very intimidating and forceful when they demand things of taxpayers. When an experienced and knowledgeable CPA represents you, IRS personnel tend to be more reasonable and amicable.

We Know the IRS’s Rules and Procedures
A friendly IRS agent will not be your friend; we would. The agent’s job would be to try to collect as much money as possible. Why not engage us so we can reveal your rights as a taxpayer and assist you in obtaining the optimal resolution for your particular tax problem?

We also offer representation with most State Tax Agencies!

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