IRS Payment Plans & CNC

IRS Payment Plans for Back TaxesWe can help you enter into an affordable IRS installment agreement. Quite often IRS payment plans involve filling out one or more comprehensive Collection Information Statements. If filled out improperly, this can result in the taxpayer having to pay more than they should have. Predicated upon our experience, we can assist you in the preparation of these statements, and in turn this would typically yield the most favorable outcome.

The main benefit of setting up IRS installment payment plans for your back taxes with the IRS, is that it will put you back in IRS compliance and you will no longer have to worry about the IRS knocking on your door. The IRS will have disappeared from your life and there will be no threat of an IRS levy or an  IRS seizure (garnishment) of your wages, bank accounts, or any other property. The harassment by the IRS will be completely over, as long as you continue to make the agreed upon payments, and remain compliant.

It is possible that by having us take a look at your financial situation when you need help with the IRS, that you may actually qualify for a hardship deferment of collection action and be put on uncollectible status that the IRS will code as currently not collectible, or CNC. We have a history of success in assisting our clients who meet this criteria, to achieve a currently not collectible status. If this is the result, you would then be completely left alone by the IRS and make no payments!

Let the CPA staff at Lefstein-Suchoff & Associates help you!

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