IRS Increases Audits by Mail

If the Internal Revenue Service is going to audit you, it will most likely conduct a mail audit. In 2011, the IRS conducted 1.2 million mail audits, representing a 124 percent increase from ten years ago. In fact, the IRS conducts more than three out of four audits by mail. Unfortunately, there are still problems with the IRS methods for processing correspondence audits. Negative consequences include delays and inaccurate adjustments. Significantly, taxpayers who do not deal correctly with correspondence audits can receive a statutory notice of deficiency, which can potentially force a taxpayer to file a petition in Tax Court.

At Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC we help taxpayers with the process and correctly & efficiently handle IRS correspondence audits. We will give practical advice and help streamline the process for what can be an otherwise a stressful situation that can cost many thousands of dollars.

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