IRS Summons

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If taxes are not paid timely, and the IRS is not notified why the taxes cannot be paid, the law requires that enforcement action be taken, which may include issuing a  Summons to the taxpayer or third parties to secure information to prepare unfiled tax returns or determine the taxpayer’s ability to pay.

The examiner can use a summons to compel testimony and/or the production of relevant books, papers, records, or other data. The information, however, must already be in existence. A summons may not require the creation of documents.

Original documents, not just copies, may be summoned. Also, a summons may request more than written materials. Examiners may summon computer tapes, video cassettes, handwriting exemplars, and any other type of information.

The IRS permits a summons to be issued to:

  • a person liable for tax
  • an officer or employee of such person,
  • a person with possession, custody, or care of the business books of a person liable for tax,
  • any other person that the examiner deems necessary.

If the examiner needs to obtain the books and records of an exempt organization, he or she should serve a summons on an officer, director or managing agent of the organization.

Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC may help you file a petition to quash the summons with the court if notified timely, and help you file multiple year tax returns that involve back taxes.

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