Some Exempt Organizations Owe More than $100K in Delinquent Payroll Taxes

non profit organization

While the majority of tax-exempt organizations are in compliance with all of their obligations, those that do not often are significantly delinquent on payroll taxes.  Tax-exempt organizations are, by their nature, not generally required to pay income taxes, they are required to pay other federal taxes such as payroll taxes.

3.8% of tax-exempt organizations had nearly $875 million of Federal tax debt as of June 2012.  While some organizations owed insignificant amounts, approximately 1,200 tax-exempt organizations owed more than $100,000 each associated with multiple tax periods.

Tax-exempt organizations like for-profit businesses  have a responsibility to remit to the IRS taxes that have been withheld from employees as well as other applicable Federal taxes.  Failure to pay payroll taxes can result in individuals who are involved in the organization to be personally liable by being assessed the taxes through a trust fund assessment

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