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Please read our seven part blog series on IRS tax audits.  We have answered some of the most asked questions we receive regarding tax audits.

Why was my return selected for audit?
When returns are filed, they are compared against “norms” for similar returns. The “norms” are developed from audits of a statistically valid random sample of returns. These returns are selected as part of the National Research Program which the IRS conducts to update return selection information.

The return is next reviewed by an experienced auditor.  At this point, the return may be accepted as filed, or if based on the auditor’s experience questionable items are noted, the auditor will identify the items noted and the return is forwarded for assignment to an examining group.

Upon assignment to a group, the return is reviewed by the manager.  Items considered in assigning a case are:  factors particular to the area such as issues pertaining to construction, farming, timber industry, etc. that have specific factors and rules that apply.  Based on the review, the manager can accept the return or assign the return to an auditor.  The assigned auditor again reviews the return for questionable items and either accepts it as filed or contacts the taxpayer to schedule an appointment.

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